Gordon American Legion, Turns Over the American Legion to the Administration - You Say It Isn't Working?

It's hard to tell if the current American Legion Post has a real purpose or just as hard to find the purpose of its existence. The current administration of the post has made it a point to "clean house," or put it another way, they have made it a point to purge all of the members of the American Legion that have a problem with this current administration. Well, perhaps you should see if you can spot the difference between the current administration and the previous administration. You'll find the best hugo spiel here, you have time to get it!

The first administration was under the reign of General George Washington. The post was created in 1791 and was put in the same year as the United States Army. That means the post was founded during the American Revolution. The post was then under the command of Major General John Sullivan and he kept it until 1814 when it was put under the control of the United States Army. Then it was turned over to the American Legion under General Joseph E. Taylor. Hurry up and start winning with darmowe gry hazardowe automaty bez rejestracji at our casino. Limited supply!

If there was no need for the post then there is no reason why they would have turned it over to the administration. They did it to make sure that there was someone in charge who could handle the post in the future.

The new administration has taken over the post because it does not serve any purpose. At the current time it seems that the Legion is more interested in a photo opportunity than anything else. They are trying to make it seem that they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the post under their control so that they will be able to use it as a prop to help them get re-elected to office.

The administration has said that the reason they want the post is so that they can promote themselves in the media and get more money out of it. That is not a very good reason, because the post serves a very useful purpose, so why take away from it?

The administration is not listening to the concerns of the veterans and what the post is doing. That is probably the biggest problem. If they were, they wouldn't be working so hard to prevent the post from being turned over to the administration.

The Veterans are probably not going to let the administration have any of their money without demanding to know what is going on and demanding to see some kind of evidence that the administration is going to honor their requests for donations. I can't see that happening though. If they are doing that, the veterans are probably going to stop buying things from the administration and will not give them any of their money, and their request will not go through.

The administration may be thinking about turning it over to someone else, but this is a risky move, because if they don't, then they will be taking more of the responsibility for all the problems that the post has had. The veterans may not agree with it, and the media may want to blame it all on the administration and all the veterans, which is what happens when a problem goes unaddressed. Think on this and think on it vegas world free online casino games.

In all fairness, the Gordon American Legion is a wonderful organization, that should be around for a long time, if they were not they would not have to try to save it. It is a wonderful place to meet with people, have a good laugh, and share ideas and stories. I am sure that you can see the problems with the post without me having to say anything. That is why we are all here reading this.

As far as I am concerned, I am glad that the administration has taken over, because I am glad that the Legion has been taken away from them. I am glad that I got to meet so many great people, such as Senator Barrack Obama, who has so much energy, and enthusiasm, and is not afraid to get into a fight with the administration on a matter of principle.

Please consider all this and think on it. Consider it all.